The incomparable combination of diverse natural landscape, various cultural properties and the culinary offer makes the Waldviertel a true paradise for nature lovers. Hiking through Lower Austria is the best way to learn about the country and the people. Countless hiking trails in the Waldviertel are ideal for this!

Whether you take a walk through the Blockheide Nature Park, where numerous thematic trails and educational trails are, or go to famous rocking stones, go hiking through the Waldviertel and landscape full of history and mythology, you still will have real and pure natural experiences in Lower Austria!

PS: At our reception desk , you can borrow nordic walking poles.

Blockheide nature park

Natural wonder to be marvelled

The nature park Blockheide with 105 ha is situated only 1 km far from our hotel. You can get there on foot. This area, which has been protected since 1964, enchants with its many powerful, often spherical granite blocks. The character of landscape here is determined by granite boulders, birch groves, Scots pines, and a heather. Similar landscape is only in Scandinavia!

On the “Gmünder Höhe” (Gmündner hillock), which is the highest point of the nature park, there is a former water reservoir. There is also an information centre and a observation tower that offer a wonderful view of the city Gmünd, the valley of Lužnice river and the South Bohemia. A visit of the tower should be a part of every hiking holiday in Waldviertel.

View of the Rappottenstein castle

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Summit cross at Nebelstein

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What is more wonderful than to explore the gorgeous nature of the Waldviertel by bike? A vast number of cycle paths leads you easily to murmuring streams, through shady forests, across blossoming meadows and back down to the valley - this not only keeps you on the go, but it is also a lot of fun!

If you do not have your own bike here, you can rent a bike in the direct surroundings of the Romantik Hotel Goldener Stern:

  • Sport 2000 Stöckl, Emerich-Berger-Straße 13, 3950 Gmünd, Tel. +43 02852 54241
  • RadFuchs, Bahnhofstraße 42, 3950 Gmünd, Tel. +43 02852 52986
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